Give your guests a unique and memorable experience that enhances the quality of their stay while giving your hotel a positive perception, allowing you to position yourself higher in your industry.


Stimulate excitement to attract guests and compel them to stay longer and spend more. Our ambient scenting solutions will uplift the mood of your guests as they revel in the pleasant, upbeat and fun environment your bars or nightclubs has to offer.


Welcome your hungry guests with a pleasant yet subtle aroma to complement their exquisite dining experiences, allowing you to increase your customer retention rates.


Mask unpleasant odours and diffuse fresh, rejuvenating and reenergizing scents that elevate the energy levels of your customers, keeping them focused on their workouts and keeping you ahead of your competition.


Keep your workforce productive while creating a pleasant and welcoming fragrant experience for your guests through our ambient scent solutions.


Heighten the shopping experiences of your customers and create olfactory touchpoints that reflect the quality of your products by integrating scent marketing into your establishments.


Create a welcoming and uplifting environment for your events that allows you to create phenomenal guest experiences while maintaining an atmosphere that reinforces the intention of your event and the message you wish to convey.


Complement the calming sense of relaxation that comes with spa experiences by diffusing equally soothing scents to create blissful spa days for your guests that set you apart from your competition.


Let a symphony of pleasant aromas unfold and mask all bad odours while creating an unforgettable cinematic experience for your guests that will keep them opting for your cinema with every new movie release.


Add an olfactory touch to your living spaces by creating a relaxing environment through the integration of scent systems into your residential property.

Senior Living

Build a pleasant and positive environment for your residents by neutralizing the unpleasant odours and creating a soothing and relaxing ambiance that uplifts their mood for better health outcomes.

Outdoors hospitality

You want to make sure your guests are protected from pesky bugs. If you're looking for an insect control solution, look no further. We offer a service program that can get rid of insects. We guarantee that this is a natural solution for you and your customers.

Become A Distributor

At Sunrise Business Scent Limited, we partner with ambient scent suppliers looking to become official distributors of our products and generate more revenue. Reach out to us to find out more.